Records of Exotics



The RECORDS OF EXOTICS scoring system and book was originated in 1976 by Thompson Temple of Ingram, Texas. Thompson realized there was a need for competition and recognition among exotic hunters within the United States.

In the beginning, participation was low due to a large number of skeptical individuals not believing there would be a record book; however, the first book was published in 1976 which contained only 215 entries. 

As time progressed, more people leaned on the scoring system and a support system began to grow. The second book, Volume II, was published in 1978 and contained nearly 1100 entries as well as an article by well-known hunter and writer, John Wooters. 

In 1984, qualifying entries into the record book were divided into bronze, silver, and gold categories, according to score.  Additionally in 1984, special awards were originated for the Texas Slam (Corsican Ram, Mouflon Ram, Texas Dall Ram, and Hawaiian Black Ram) and the Super Slam (Axis deer, Fallow deer, Sika deer, Blackbuck antelope, Mouflon sheep, Aoudad, Corsican Sheep, Ibex, red deer, and Catalina goat). 

Please note: Each volume represents only the exotic animals harvested since the last book was released.